Planting memorial Trees in the forest

Planting a memorial tree can be a beautiful and eco-friendly way (more on that later) to create a lasting tribute that honors the memory of a cherished individual. Here at The Gifted Tree, we have been planting hundreds of thousands of memorial and celebration trees for over a decade, and currently plant these gift trees in 80 locations around the world, but we still get the question, how does this work?

How Does Planting a Memorial Tree Work?

A memorial (or celebration) gift tree is a sapling tree that will be planted in the forest location of your choosing by one of our trusted nonprofit planting partners. It is important to remember that a physical tree is not delivered to the family, instead you select one of our beautiful, unique, and hand-crafted tribute cards that we send to the family announcing the memorial tree planting. Each tribute contains a tree planting certificate that is personalized and customized by you expressing your feelings, showing you care.

The Gifted Tree makes it easy to plant a memorial or celebration tree.

1. You will choose the tribute design, choosing from a handmade paper card, pop-up card, or framed options, to name a few. Then you will choose the number of trees to plant and select a planting location from over 80 locations in U.S. National Forests and around the world.

2. On the order form you will personalize the tree planting certificate and let us know who to mail it to. Don’t stress if you don’t know what to write. We have lots of heartfelt suggestions including those specifically for pet memorials. (Yes, you can plant a memorial tree in memory of a pet.)

The Gifted Tree original artwork tree planting certificate in a wood frame

Wood Frame Option


3. The Gifted Tree will hand create the tribute card (no automatic computer-generated certificates) and mail it to wherever you tell us. Our non-profit tree planting partners will plant your tree and look after it. If desired, we provide info on the planting project and a way to virtually view the general area of the tree planting.

All of this can be accomplished at a surprisingly reasonable price, and while planting a memorial tree in memory of a loved one, friend, colleague and even pets is a meaningful and positive way to remember and honor their life, for the reasons mentioned below, it is also a good idea for the earth as well.

Memorial Trees getting ready to be planted

Benefits of Planting a Memorial Tree

Symbol of Growth and Life: A tree symbolizes growth, strength, and life. Planting a memorial tree can be a powerful representation of the enduring legacy of your loved one.

Connection with Nature: Trees are an integral part of nature and planting one can create a lasting connection between your loved one and the natural world. It provides a serene and peaceful place for remembrance.

Sustainable Legacy: Trees contribute to the environment by producing oxygen, reducing carbon dioxide, and supporting biodiversity. Planting a tree as a memorial is a sustainable way to leave a positive impact on the planet in honor of your loved one.

Seasonal Changes: Just as seasons change, a memorial tree experiences growth and transformation. Knowing that the tree changes with the season can be a comforting and symbolic way to reflect on the passage of time and the enduring nature of memories.

Community Involvement: In some cases, planting a memorial tree can involve the community. Groups of people from the community may join together to participate in the planting, fostering a sense of unity and shared remembrance and benefits that the tree provides.

Living Tribute: Unlike traditional memorials, a tree is a living tribute that continues to grow and evolve. It provides a dynamic and evolving representation of the enduring impact your loved one had on your life.

Educational Opportunities: A memorial tree can serve as an educational tool for future generations. It can be a source of inspiration and a way to share stories about the person being remembered.

Trees Make a Powerful and Everlasting Gift: While sending flowers has been common for many as a way to memorialize an individual, our past blog provides 5 reasons why planting a tree in remembrance is superior.

In summary, planting a memorial tree can be a wonderful and sustainable way to create a tribute that honors the memory of a cherished individual and lasts for generations. It does not take a lot of effort to get it done as The Gifted Tree makes it easy to get it done. Of course, if you have questions or need personal help, we are only a phone call away. Call our toll-free number, 800-984-2101, during business hours and speak to a live person. Superb customer service awaits, as our many testimonials confirm.

Beautiful view of the Appalachia Forest where The Gifted Tree plants gift trees.