A wedding is a milestone like no other—the joining of two lives and families should be celebrated with an equally meaningful gift. Instead of a traditional wedding present like a crystal vase or table linens, why not give the happy couple a wedding tree gift from The Gifted Tree?

Whether a first-time marriage couple looking to start their family tree, or a later-in-life marriage, a tree wedding gift is the perfect way to commemorate a marriage. As more people embrace a minimalist lifestyle, creative wedding gifts are much appreciated. Giving a tree as a wedding gift is fitting, as trees are symbols of life, growth, and prosperity. A new couple puts down roots together, growing together as one. It’s easy to see why giving gifts of trees for weddings is becoming increasingly popular.

Wedding tree gifts are perfect for later-in-life marriages, avid travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, and couples with a passion for sustainability. Have a tree planted in honor of the newlywed couple as a unique wedding gift or offer the gesture as a complement to a traditional wedding gift. Either way, your thoughtful wedding present is sure to be appreciated and they’ll know you cared.

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