Looking for the right gift for the loss of a pet dog or cat?

Whether you’re looking for a more meaningful way to remember your own beloved pet after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge or you’d like to send a tribute to a friend or family member who has lost a faithful companion, a memorial tree will help create a lasting legacy. Planting a tree in honor of a cat, dog, horse, or other animal is an enduring pet memorial gift. 

Finding the right pet loss gift can be difficult, but a memorial tree is memorable, unique, and shows that you’re thinking of the recipient. Or, if you’re purchasing a tree to remember your own pet, you’ll know that you’re making a positive impact. If your dog enjoyed fresh air and hikes in the woods, what better way to treasure those memories? 

We love our pets because they’re by our side through thick and thin. They’re loyal and loving; they never fail to make us smile, even when times are tough. The loss of a pet is devastating in a way that few people understand if they haven’t also had the experience of losing a pet. A memorial tree for a pet sends the message that you understand and that you’re there for your family member or friend during this difficult time.

Girl Walking Dog in Forest to Honor a Beloved companion

Several unique and memorable certificate options available

Create a Memorable Pet Memorial Tree Certificate on Handmade Paper

We make the process of sending a pet memorial gift simple. To start, choose the tribute presentation you wish to send. We offer beautiful handmade seed paper cards, framed artwork, professionally-designed ecards, 3D pop-up cards, and lucite-framed certificates. Next, select one of our planting locations in a U.S. National Forest or in one of 30 countries on six different continents—or, let us choose a location that is currently in need of planting. Finally, add your own personal message to show that you care. Once you’ve completed these steps, we will send your tribute and place an order for a tree to be planted with one of our local partners.

If you have trouble finding the right words of comfort, click here to discover suggestions on what to include on your certificate for a pet condolence message.

We help you create a memorable pet memorial in 3 easy steps.

Choose the Certificate Presentation

Seed Card? Framed? Pop-Up Card? Your Choice!

Select the Gift Tree Planting Location

30+ Countries, 6 Continents

Include a Personal Message

Make the Moment Memorable