Helping You Create That Memorable Experience

The Gifted Tree StoryEarly in 2013, we started planting trees—”In Memory of” and “In Celebration of“—on a large, historic estate in County Carlow, Ireland. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive because the planting of trees resonated with such a large group of people. We regularly received moving phone calls from the gift recipients or family members, passing on heartfelt thank-yous and personal stories of their connection to the land and the emotional significance of the gift of a tree. That joyful and optimistic gesture meant so much to them, and we were gratified to help make it happen.

We also received feedback from customers and friends asking if we could expand our plantings to include locations outside of Ireland. After assembling a team of respected and committed planting partners, we now plant gift trees in over 30 locations in 23 countries on six continents, helping to restore National Forests destroyed by fire or disease, or reforesting tree-depleted communities ravaged by the effects of climate change. And we continue to explore planting opportunities in many more countries.

Not only did we want to use this opportunity to do something responsible and expand the tree canopy around the world, but just as importantly we saw this as an opportunity to help individuals connect on a more personal level, through a gifted tree. In this day of impersonal instant social gratification—liking a post or texting an emoji—a lot of that personal connection is lost. We have developed an awesome array of innovative, thoughtful and memorable presentation options that help you express and create that magical moment, leaving a lasting and timeless impression. Let The Gifted Tree help you make someone’s day just a little bit better by showing that you care. And isn’t that what it is all about?

Yours treely,
Doug and Laura

(Photo is us planting trees in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio)

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