A Living Tribute – An Everlasting Memorial

When a loved one passes away, their memory lives on through the impact they had on the lives of others and their community. A life shared, a life that touched other lives, is an irreplaceable piece of every community, organization, fellowship, and family. With a memorial tree planting, we can have the next best thing by honoring and commemorating the precious life that has been lost. A memorial tree is a physical reminder that their legacy continues even after their physical body is gone. Whether you’re planting a tree in memory of your own friend or family member or for someone close to you who has lost a loved one, The Gifted Tree is a meaningful tribute to a life well lived.

Honor Them by Making a Difference

Show that you care by planting a beautiful tree in a U.S. National Forest or another location in one of 30 countries on six continents, helping the environment while also remembering the one who is lost. While a gift tree is a powerful memorial gift for anyone, they’re particularly fitting for people who had a love of gardening, nature, the outdoors, sustainability, or travel. These individuals would appreciate such a gesture. Gift trees can also be the perfect in-lieu-of-flowers dual purpose alternative, if you want to think outside the box when deciding what to give a friend or coworker who lost somebody close to them

Humans cut down 15 billion trees every year, a number that continues to climb annually. On top of that, forest fires destroy an additional 5 million acres in the United States alone. Humans have only been replanting about 5 billion trees annually. The gift tree you give will aid in the reforestation of an area ravaged by fires, human harvesting deforestation, or climate change, an important step in healing forests that need care and support. Not every remembrance gesture has to be grand. It just needs to be the right personal choice for you. The loss of life is precious and can’t be replaced but The Gifted Tree is the next best thing, granting life to the earth in loving memory of a life lived and lost.

Gift trees can also be the perfect in-lieu-of-flowers alternative. It is the ultimate green gift. Planting a memorial gift tree helps fight global warming and can also help save the monarch butterfly. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one is a lasting legacy and living tribute.

Help with the Grieving Process

Memorial trees also help survivors as they navigate the healing process. Grieving is a natural step toward healing when we lose somebody close to us. While pictures, urns, and letters can be sentimental and make us feel more attached to an important person that has moved to the afterlife, they don’t give us something tangible to touch and see grow over time. Even though remembering a loved one is for the living, we all have thoughts and preferences about how we want to be remembered. For many, knowing a remembrance tree is out there in the world, growing, providing shelter for animals and oxygen for all the world’s creatures, helps bring peace and closure in an otherwise dark time.

Memorial Trees are Simple to Give

Our quest is to make this as simple as possible, ensuring a quick transaction for our customers that requires very little effort. The last thing anybody needs in a difficult time is more inconvenience and stress. It is easy to give a memorial gift tree in three steps: 1) choose the tribute design you would like to send, 2) select the number of trees and a planting location that was meaningful to the deceased or their family, or allow us to choose the location that is most in need of trees at this time, and 3) add your personal message. The Gifted Tree will take care of the rest. Your thoughtful gift will be appreciated and show the recipient that you’re thinking of them, and the one they lost, during this difficult time.

Choose the Tribute Design

Seed Card? Framed? Pop-Up Card?
Your Choice!

You can customize the presentation of your memorial gift tree to appropriately match the setting and recipient.

Select the Number of Trees and Planting Location

U.S. National Forests and 30+ Countries

Help the environment in the country that you call home or in a nation the loved one enjoyed visiting or has a family connection.

Include a Personal, Custom Message

Make the Moment Memorable.

Personal and custom messages will put the finishing touch on your gift, providing a level of appreciation to the recipient that would otherwise be missed.