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We Plant Memorial Trees in United States National Forests and Worldwide – A Living Tribute To Honor Loved Ones and Friends.

For over ten years, The Gifted Tree has helped you plant over a hundred thousand memorial  trees. Planting  a tree in memory of a loved one, or for someone close to you who has lost a loved one, is a meaningful memorial gift. Show you care with the planting of a majestic tree in U.S. National Forests or in countries around the world — an epic tribute to a life well lived. Your memorial gift tree not only helps preserve a legacy, but also aids in the reforestation of areas ravaged by forest fire or climate change.

How To Plant a Tree In Memory Of Someone

It is easy to give a memorial gift tree in three steps:
1) choose the tribute design you would like to send,
2) select the number of trees and a planting location that was meaningful to the deceased or their family,
or allow us to choose the location that is most in need of trees at this time, and
3) add your personal message.
The Gifted Tree will take care of the rest. Your thoughtful gift will be appreciated and show the recipient
that you’re thinking of them, and the one they lost, during this difficult time.

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What is a Memorial Tree?

A memorial tree is a sapling tree (one to two feet in height) that will be planted in the forest location of your choosing by one of our trusted nonprofit planting partners. Unlike other companies, we plant trees in United States national forests AND in 40+ countries around the world. Note that a physical tree is not delivered. Instead, a tribute card, that includes your custom and personal tree planting certificate, is sent to the individual or family announcing your memorial tree planting gift.

Our Tributes Help You Stand Out and Provide a “Wow”

You select one of our beautiful, unique tribute cards or animated eCards, tell us how many trees to plant and where to plant them, and then add your personalized message. We’ll hand-create the tribute (with the tree planting certificate) and send it to the recipient, announcing that memorial trees have been planted. We even have a long list of heartfelt suggestions of what to write on the certificate if you are struggling to come up with the right words.

A Special Memorial Gift is Created

Our planting partners will select the best species of tree to plant, choose the optimal time to plant it, and manage its care. Loved ones or friends will receive your beautiful, personalized tribute announcing the tree planting gift. Besides the tree planting certificate, the tribute packet includes info on how they can virtually visit the general area of the planting as well a heart shaped seed tag with the inscription “Forever In Our Hearts”. These handmade paper hearts are embedded with wildflower seeds that will sprout and flower (instructions included), a spiritual way to complete the cycle of life at their home.

Let’s Get Started!

It is easy to give a memorial tree in honor of family, friends, or pets in just 3 steps:

1. Choose The Tribute Card Design

Choose one of our beautiful, unique hand crafted personalized tribute card designs (shown below) to send to a friend, family member, or coworker announcing your memorial gift tree planting.

Price includes the planting of one tree. Multiple tree planting options available – pricing on the order page.

Premium Sympathy Card


The Gifted Tree handmade seed paper tree planting certificate

Handmade Seed Paper Card


3-D Pop-Up Card tree planting certificate

3-D Pop-Up Cards


The Gifted Tree's Original artwork gift tree planting certificate

Framed Original Artwork Certificate


Lucite Acrylic Framed Handmade Paper Tree Planting Certificate

Lucite Framed Handmade Paper Certificate


Memorial Digital eCard Front - Deepest Sympathy

Premium Animated
Digital e-Card


2. Select the Number of Trees and Planting Location

We work with trusted nonprofit planting partners in more than 40 countries on six continents. 

Click one of the regions below to learn more and help support one of our global reforestation projects.

The Gifted Tree's Planting Location options in the United States and Canada
The Gifted Tree's Planting Location options in Europe
The Gifted Tree's Planting Location options in the Amazon Rain Forest and Latin America
The Gifted Tree's Planting Location options in Africa
The Gifted Tree's Planting Location options in Asia and Australia

3. Add Your Personal Message

Struggling to find the rights words?  

Use one of our standard popular options found on the order page or click below for heartfelt message suggestions.

Hands clasped together in a showing of sympathy

Here’s What Customers Say About The Gifted Tree …

“Being able to plant a tree in my auntie’s memory and have that beautiful card means a lot when you are unable to be together physically.”

“I ordered the five tree memorial, and the experience with The Gifted Tree has been absolutely phenomenal. The entire process was seamless and exceeded our expectations, and the staff’s dedication and care shined through in every way. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to honor a loved one in such a beautiful and meaningful way.  I highly recommend this heartfelt and meaningful service.”

“What a heartfelt gift this is. We received one recently for the loss of a close family member, and it means so much. Thank you for having such a wonderful service.”

“I just want to tell you how much I appreciate what you do! I just found your site a couple of years ago and have made it a go-to for memorial gifts. Your quick and personal follow-up only makes me appreciate it more!”


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