A new birth, a birthday, both big days in the life of family and friends and deserving of special recognition. Instead of the same old gift card or baby clothes, why not plant a birthday gift tree from The Gifted Tree.

When a newborn arrives in this world, he or she becomes associated with a birth tree related to the month they were born, making the planting of a celebration tree the ideal way to welcome him or her in the world.  And while trees for birthday presents always are a good fit, they become very relevant decades later for the BIG birthdays. If you are like me, I am always struggling to come up with that gift that will get their attention, especially when they seem to have everything. Make it a tradition and plant a family birthday tree in the same forest and before you know it there will be a family grove of trees.

When you plant a birthday tree as a gift for a birth, a 100-year-old or any age in between, you’ll not only break out of the gift-giving pack, but give the world a gift too. And our unique and creative presentation certificates make your tribute stand out and have a lasting impact.

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