• We Plant Gift Trees Around the World

    In Memory, In Celebration ──
    For People and Pets

  • Make Your Message Meaningful

    Say It With a Tree  …  The Gifted Tree

    and Give the World a Gift Too!

  • Express Your Feelings and Show You Care

    “The tree planted in memory of my dear brother-in-law was such a touching gesture and I am profoundly grateful.” – Alice S.

    “One of the best birthday presents EVER!” – Greg B.

We Know a Life Event Happens Every Day

  • My colleague’s parent passed away. I need to share my sympathies.
  • My neighbor just had a baby.
  • A friend’s dog died.  I want to show I care.
  • My grandmother is turning 90 years old. What could she possibly need?
  • I want to thank one of my child’s teachers.

We Solve the What-to-Give Puzzle in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Select the gift tree planting location
  2. Choose the presentation
  3. Personalize the message

Choose the Presentation

Price includes the planting of a tree

Gifted Tree eCard

“Need It Now”

Handmade Seed Paper Card

3D Pop-Up Cards

3-D Pop-Up Cards

Framed Original Artwork Certificate

Acrylic Framed Handmade Paper Certificate

Lucite Framed Handmade Paper Certificate

Our Tree Planting Locations

From restoring fire-damaged forests to reforesting impoverished communities, we plant trees in 30+ locations on six continents around the world. Can’t decide? We will plant your tree in the area of most need.

The Write Stuff

Ever struggle to find just the right words? We offer some guidance so your voice and sentiments shine through.


Answers to the most common questions in one place.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The next best time is today.

– Chinese proverb

The Gifted Tree Story

We started planting trees in Ireland more than six years ago, and we now plant gift trees around the globe. Helping people show they care via our innovative and unique presentations is at the heart of what we do. You can be remembered, make a lasting impact and give the world a gift too.