Price includes the planting of a tree – (multiple tree planting options available)

Handmade Seed Paper cards can be shipped internationally at no extra charge. Click for details

When the occasion calls for a sophisticated and elegant option, this gift selection is the ideal fit.

The personalized certificate (adorned by a stately wax seal) is secured inside the folds of a handmade seed paper card, created, and hand-torn and folded one at a time. Each piece of seed paper is made with 100% post-industrial waste and is 100% tree free and acid free. Pieces of tree fern are incorporated and visible throughout, making each card special and one-of-a-kind.

Also embedded in this stock is our unique North American wildflower seed blend, which, if desired, can actually be planted. The eco-twist (handmade paper twine made in Nepal and colored with vegetable dye (although not included with international orders)) closure provides the finishing touch.

$29.95 plus $2.95 shipping.
Delivery time is typically 3-4 days.

Your gift tree presentation includes:

  • A gift tree(s) planted in the location of your choice
  • Customized personal certificate secured inside the seed paper card
  • Wax seal affixed at the top of the certificate for that royal touch
  • Insert announcing the planting of your gift tree and its global good, and instructions on how to view the planting area virtually
  • Our handmade paper plantable seed tag
  • An optional gift card enclosure allowing you to add an additional personal message