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Shipping Internationally – The Scoop
(spoiler alert – the seed paper card and pop-up card are mailed with no extra charges!)

Your gift can be shipped internationally, except for the Lucite frame option, which can only be shipped in the U.S.

When shipping internationally, on the checkout page, fill in your billing details as normal. DO NOT check the box to ship to a different shipping address. INSTEAD, in the Order Notes box, type in “Please Ship To:” and then enter the complete address where you would like the certificate sent.  We will process and send the certificate to the address listed in the order notes box. (We will not mail the certificate to you although that is what it will say on the confirmation email. No worries, we will send it to the right place!)

There is NO extra charge to mail the handmade seed paper card or pop-up cards internationally although no promo code discounts are allowed for orders which require international shipping. The certificate will be mailed international first class which takes about 7-10 days and is not tracked.

The extra charge to mail the Original Artwork Certificate internationally is $17 to Canada and Mexico, $27 to Europe, and $55 to all other locations.  Delivery time is about 7-10 days and is only tracked to the U.S. border and not to the final destination. Currently, our website does not calculate the extra shipping charges to an international location. When we receive your order, we will contact you to get your credit card information for the extra shipping charges as it is not stored in our system.

Sorry, we realize this can get confusing. You are welcome to call us during office hours (Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm) toll-free at 1-800-984-2101 to discuss shipping internationally or email us at help@thegiftedtree.com.

Of course, an eCard is an economical and efficient way to let someone internationally know you are thinking of them. eCards can be sent to any email address and will be sent shortly after completing the order, or on a date of your choosing.