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Shipping Internationally – The Scoop
(spoiler alert – the seed paper card and pop-up card are mailed with no extra charges!)

Your gift can be shipped internationally, except for the two framed options, which can only be shipped in the U.S.

There is NO extra charge to mail the handmade seed paper card or pop-up cards internationally, just the normal $2.95 flat rate to mail anywhere in the world! The certificate will be mailed international first class which takes about two weeks. Tracking is not available. Please understand with the pandemic, delivery sometimes takes longer. Mailings to Australia, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America regions can take up to two or three months or longer. The Gifted Tree ships within a day or two of your order, but just want to make you aware of possible delivery delays.

The system will accept framed orders shipped to Canada and will apply a charge of US$100.

If you have any questions regarding shipping internationally, you are welcome to call us during office hours (Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm) toll-free at 800-984-2101 to discuss or email us at If calling from outside North America, please call our office at 1-216-921-6200.

The Gifted Tree has many international visitors to our website. Our eCard is an economical and efficient way to let someone internationally know you are thinking of them. eCards can be sent to any email address worldwide free of charge, and will be sent shortly after completing the order, or on a date of your choosing. To learn more about this option, please visit our eCard information page.