Essentially, when you buy a green corporate gift, you are getting two for the price of one. How so? Well, you are giving a gift to the recipient – and you are also giving a gift to the world around you. 

Before you swipe that card and make your next gift purchase, let’s take a look at 5 green corporate ideas you can give your company’s employees or customers. 

Why Green Gifts? 

Businesses that are making a positive impact on our future have already begun to incorporate sustainability practices into their workplace in one way or another. That means they are taking steps to reduce the waste that they produce as a company so that they can do their part to protect the environment and help moderate the effects of global warming and climate change. 

To stay in alignment with the company’s principles, it only makes sense that any corporate gifts should be green and sustainable. 

So, what’s in a green gift? There are certain traits of green gifts, such as having very little packaging – or, at the very least, truly 100% recyclable packaging. Also, gifts that come from companies that are environmentally friendly, whether it is in the gift itself or the practices used in their materials and manufacturing – or both!

Looking for some ideas? We’ve got a few you can choose from. 

Five Green Corporate Gift Ideas

Ready to shop? Take inspiration from these 5 green gift ideas for your company.


  1. Plant a Tree 

What if you could plant a tree in honor of someone or something – especially when you are celebrating them? It’s like naming the stars, except you are planting a real, tangible tree that will give back to the planet. And you get to choose where to have your trees planted, such as in the US & Canada, Europe, Rainforest South & Central America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. 

Trees commonly symbolize growth and prosperity, making them a fitting gift to give to someone with whom you have a business relationship or to recognize employee contributions. Receiving a hand-crafted, unique tribute noting the tree planting location  along with a custom, personalized message is sure to make the recipient feel good and show them you care.

As more companies look to reduce their environmental footprint, planting a tree makes an eco-conscious statement about your corporate beliefs and social responsibility — making this one powerful gift.


  1. Food

You can’t get much more sustainable and green than an edible gift. After all, once you eat it, it’s gone, right? Choose snacks and treats from companies that deliver the items with a reusable pouch or in recycled containers. You aren’t just looking for snacks from anywhere, but rather those that come with a purpose. And, yes, you can always have the items branded if you’d like. 


  1. Reusable Items

You can make a difference by investing in corporate gifts that urge the recipient to build more green practices into life, such as a reusable tumbler or water bottle, a reusable straw and carrying case, a reusable tote, or lunch tote, and so forth. 

There are many companies out there that sell reusable products. The idea is to stick to your values and choose those that offer well-designed reusable products created in an environmentally-friendly way. 


  1. Solar-Powered Items

Solar power is becoming more and more popular as it can provide all the benefits of something with electrical or battery power – without either. Simply using the sun, you can charge up battery chargers, radios, lights, an oven, and so much more. By giving these gifts you are encouraging the recipient to try something new – and confirm that dependence on electricity doesn’t have to be the only option. 


  1. A Spa Day at Home

There are many sustainable, environmentally friendly, and fair-trade products on the market to provide everyone with an at-home spa day. What a great way to show appreciation for everything they need to feel rejuvenated. With candles, pure bath beads, and the like, supporting small, eco-friendly businesses can be a win for everyone involved. 


Green Corporate Gifts from The Gifted Tree

Sure, we’ve given you some ideas for green corporate gifts. But, the truth is – there is just something about the powerful impact that planting a tree in honor or recognition of someone’s accomplishments, life, and achievements can have. And, if you are looking for corporate gifts, imagine how many trees you could plant – and how great of an impact you could have!

 If you would like to learn more about The Gifted Tree’s corporate tree planting program, contact us at (800) 984-2101  or you can easily get started on your order online.