Connect Personally | Benefit Globally | Support a Cause

The Gifted Tree announces our Trees for a Cause win-win-win tree planting charity donation program.

Win 1 = Plant a memorial or celebration gift tree and connect on a personal level with someone important to you and show them you care.

Win 2 = By planting a tree, you are helping the earth, counteracting the devastating effects of forest fires and climate change.

Win 3 = Directly help the hard work of a worthwhile cause by planting your gift tree in a charity-specific “Giving Grove” located in a U.S. National Forest. When you choose our Trees for a Cause program, The Gifted Tree will donate 10% of the purchase price to that organization to help fund its valuable programs.

The causes we have partnered with for our tree planting charity donation program are listed below:

Our Military Kids Logo - Empowering Military Kids

Our Military Kids empowers military kids by funding sports, arts and other enrichment activities when their parents are deployed overseas with the National Guard or Reserves, or recovering from severe injuries sustained in a post-9/11 overseas mission.

Plant your gift tree in Our Military Kids’ “Giving Grove”—The Empower Grove—located in a U.S. National Forest, and in addition to planting trees, 10% of the purchase will be donated directly to this outstanding charitable organization.

Logo of Charitable Organization Direct Relief for COVID-19

Direct Relief is a humanitarian organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. As part of its COVID-19 pandemic relief efforts, Direct Relief is working in overdrive to get protective gear and critical care medications to as many health workers as possible, as quickly as possible, with emergency deliveries leaving daily for medical facilities across the U.S.

Plant your gift tree in the Healthcare Heroes “Giving Grove”—located in a U.S. National Forest— and in addition to planting trees, 10 percent of the purchase will be donated directly to this outstanding charitable organization to help fund their valuable services during this national pandemic.

Planting a Tree sapling in Rich Soil

No matter which “Giving Grove” you choose, rest assured that we are working with well-established tree planting partners who have been doing this work for years. You can be confident that your gift tree will be planted as requested, and with foresters on location, the long-term survival of your gift tree is also a gift to the world . The Gifted Tree personnel have even personally visited some of the tree planting sites, and we will continue to make and expand our visits.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The U.S. National Forest location will be noted on the tree certificate presentation so the recipient will know exactly where his, her or their tree is planted.
  • Your tree is planted among thousands of other gift trees and there is no plaque designating your gift tree, but an official register is maintained in our office. Our planting partners select and plant trees native to the specific area and the species type will vary depending on what is best for that location in the world.
  • If known, the types of trees planted in a specific project are outlined in the project description, but please understand that you are not able to choose a specific type of tree.
  • The trees will be planted at the best suitable planting time for each project, which is typically in the spring or fall.

All of the above is being done to ensure long-term survival of the trees and to accomplish the goals of the project.

Finally, an exciting result of advanced technology, a virtual “visit” to the tree planting area is now possible. If the gift recipient chooses to opt-in to this option, we will email them a description of the tree planting project along with a link to Bing Earth maps. One click on the computer and they will be able to virtually visit the area where their gift tree is planted!