Planting A Tree For A Passed Loved One

hands holding a green tree sapling to be planted.

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult things we go through in life. It is a difficult time of grieving for the family. There are few words to bring comfort. The best thing we can do is remember them and honor them by keeping their memory alive. The Gifted Tree has, for the past ten years, combined honoring loved ones with restoring the earth’s shrinking forests in a powerful and meaningful way to remember those we’ve lost with our memorial gift trees program. Whether you have a tree planted in honor of one you’ve lost or as a gift for somebody going through their own sad time of loss, you can have a tree planted that will live and grow for generations as a living tribute.

What is Involved in Each Gifted Tree

When you have a memorial gift tree planted by The Gifted Tree, a physical tree is not delivered. Instead, select one of our unique card tributes or animated eCards, add your personalized message, and we’ll do the rest by sending the tribute to the recipient, announcing that a gift tree has been planted.

A gift tree is a sapling tree that will be planted in the forest location of your choosing by one of our trusted nonprofit planting partners. Unlike other gift tree companies, we plant trees in the United States AND in 30+ countries around the world including many countries in Europe, the Amazon Rain Forest, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and even Australia! You choose the location that will be most meaningful to the family.

Not Only for Humans

Pets can be just as close to us as our other family members, so we make it possible for our customers to be able to order a pet memorial tree. There isn’t a better way to remember your furry companions than by choosing the tribute design presentation, selecting the number of trees and planting locations, and deciding on a personal and custom message about your pet or the pet that a loved one recently lost. For those struggling to decide what to write on the tree planting certificate, we have a long list of heartfelt suggestions from which to choose. Honoring man’s best friend and our planet is a point of pride for The Gifted Tree.

Other Ideas

Do you want a unique idea for commemorating a communion, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding, or milestone birthday? You will give the gift of life to the earth while presenting your friend or loved one with the most unique gift they’ll receive, a celebration tree. Our beautiful handmade seed paper cards or 3-D pop-up cards are perfect for celebration favors, as they can be easily transported and set on a table for people to take as they leave your reception or party!

When you’re ready to learn more, we have a friendly staff to help you today. Call us toll-free at 800-984-2101 with questions or to start the order process today. Feel free to email us at, and we’ll get you a response within 24 hours. You can also join The Gifted Tree community by filling out the website form to learn about new tree planting locations, learn interesting tree facts, read stories, or receive exclusive promotions.