Plant a Memorial Gift Tree, a Perfect Flower Alternative

These days, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to look for a more meaningful alternative to sending flowers to demonstrate love and support during times of bereavement. Funeral flowers are the traditional choice, but they’re not always appropriate and they can sometimes be impractical. Indeed, many families ask that flowers not be sent when a loved one passes away. If you’re looking for a flower alternative to show that you care, what options are there?

Gift trees are the answer. As a flower alternative, a memorial gift tree is practical and poignant, and leaves an enduring legacy.

When you order from The Gifted Tree, you’re getting:

  • A powerful and everlasting tribute. Flowers wither and fade, but a planted tree can last hundreds of years.
  • A more affordable price point. A flower arrangement can cost upwards of $100, while a memorial tree starts at $19.95.
  • A greener memorial gift. While flower farming—and the long distances flowers travel—have a negative impact on the environment, a gift tree makes a positive difference by reforesting areas desperately in need of trees.
  • A practical gift, even months after the funeral. The grieving family has enough on their minds without dealing with the disposal of flower arrangements following a funeral or wake.
  • A meaningful gift that shows you care during the difficult time of bereavement. As an alternative to funeral flowers, a memorial tree demonstrates your thoughtfulness.

In short, a memorial tree is a physical reminder of the legacy left behind; it’s a touching tribute to a life well-lived. A gift tree is particularly treasured as a memorial for someone who had a love of gardening, hiking, nature, travel, and the environment.

The process begins by selecting the tribute presentation you wish to send, whether it’s a beautiful handmade seed paper card or a framed piece of artwork. Next, choose one of our planting locations in 30 countries on six different continents or allow our team to choose the location that is most in need of trees at this time. Finally, add your own personal message. Once these steps are complete, we will send your tribute and place the order for a tree with one of our planting partners.

Choose the Tree Certificate Presentation

Not your standard card – handmade

Select the Gift Tree Planting Location

30+ Countries on 6 Continents

Include a Personal Message

Comfort in the Time of Bereavement

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