Memorial Gift Trees- The Ultimate Green Gift to Fight Global Warming this Holiday Season

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Now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, all our attention is focused on the holiday season, especially with respect to gift giving. As it should be, much attention and Christmas day photos will focus on children shouting with glee as they open up the gifts that they find under the Christmas tree or wherever the holiday celebration takes place. While the little ones take center stage, this time of the year is also a perfect time to remember those who cannot be with us in person, only in memory. And what better way to honor those loved ones than to plant a memorial gift tree in their honor. The planting of a memorial gift tree has a number of benefits.

Lone tree next to an empty bench by a lake

Memorial Trees are the Ultimate Green Gift

In this day and age, except for the kids, no one really needs or want more stuff, making a memorial tree the perfect special gift. With wrapping paper and all the packaging, the landfill operators are the only winners. Plus, after the initial excitement, most of the gifts that are received are found in a closet a short time later. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one, on the other hand, is a super green gift, one that will last long after the holiday season is over. And with a number of our tribute design options, including our animated eCard and handmade seed paper card, the tribute that is received is all natural and super environmentally friendly – sustainably-sourced and produced, and made from low-impact materials that won’t leave a dent on the environment.

Memorial Trees Help Fight Global Warming

While one can argue the degree to which climate change is affecting our earth, it is pretty much documented that global warming has been taking place over the last number of decades. The increased burning of fossil fuels coupled with the chopping down of forests has caused temperatures to rise on average around the world. The planting of memorial gift trees helps make a difference. Trees provide many benefits including easing soil erosion which helps clean our water sources and increasing the number of trees support biodiversity, helping animals and insects survive in our local communities and around the earth.  But most importantly, trees fight global warming by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

Memorial Trees Show You Care

When a loved one passes away, their memory lives on through the impact they had on the lives of others and their community. Whether the passing is recent or took place many years ago, the holidays are always a good time to remember and honor that person as this season is a time to spend time with and think about family. Planting a tree in memory of a family member, or someone special in your life, provides a meaningful expression to show you care. This special memorial gift tree has a lasting impact, growing stronger every year while being a majestic and powerful living tribute for generations to come.

The Gifted Tree is the perfect place to order a memorial gift tree, planting in United States National Forests in most states around the country and in about 40 countries around the world. Choose from unique and creative tribute designs all customized with your personal message. We even help you write a heartfelt message if you are having writer’s cramp. And we are fanatical about providing incredible customer service as our many testimonials confirm. So, if you are struggling to find the right gift this holiday season, plant a memorial (or celebration) tree knowing it will be much appreciated by the recipient as well as giving the world a gift too.