Beautiful view of the New Brunswick Biosphere Reserve where The Gifted Tree has planting projects to plant gift trees.

The Fundy Biosphere Reserve, New Brunswick, Canada

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir

Project Description

This Gift Tree Planting Project is in the Fundy Biosphere Reserve area of New Brunswick, Canada. New Brunswick is home to some of the most ecologically diverse forest types in Canada. as well as one of the most endangered. With a moist climate and a historically very low risk of fire, these forests are ideal for storing carbon and a prime region for focusing climate change resilience efforts.

The primary goal in planting trees in New Brunswick is to increase species diversity and  promote climate change resilience. Forests––like the Acadian Forests––will return to a healthy ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and helping mitigate the effects of climate change. Many of these forests are also frequented by local communities and schools, providing important learning and educational opportunities.

Reforesting these Arcadian Forest areas will promote wildlife connectivity, water retention, and carbon storage. By planting a diversity of native species – Red Spruce, White Pine, and Red Oak – we can help the site regenerate quicker and healthier than would be possible if left alone.

Virtual Tour

You can view the general area of this planting project by clicking on the following link:

Virtual Tour – The Fundy Biosphere Reserve

Once connected to the map, feel free to zoom in and out to get a feel of the general planting
area as well as its location in New Brunswick, Canada, the United States, and the world. The link is best viewed on a
personal computer as opposed to a cell phone. Please understand that this is the general area of the tree planting. Your
tree would be planted among thousands of other gift trees and there is no plaque designating the gift
tree and visiting the tree is unfortunately not possible.
Know that the tree planting project is making a monumental difference for the earth and
opening a new doorway to the world for future generations. If you have any questions, please
view our contact information at:

Preserve Their Legacy For Future Generations.

Location listed on tree tribute planting certificate = The Fundy Biosphere Reserve, New Brunswick, Canada

If you have any questions, or need help in placing an order, please feel free to contact us.