Beautiful view of the Mountains in Greece where The Gifted Tree has planting projects to plant gift trees.

The Pierian Mountains, Greece

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir

Project Description

The Gifted Tree’s planting project is around Mount Pieria, Greece in order to face climate change. The project is located in the heart of a vast pine forest of more than 50,000 acres, mainly composed of native Scots pine. The geographical context of this forest is exceptional because, as a high-altitude species, Scots pines generally form the last tree line in mountain ranges in Greece. They are of considerable ecological and economic importance, but climate change makes the survival of Scots pine in these areas uncertain. For more than 30 years, some parts of the forest have been showing signs of advanced dieback, caused by severe and repeated attacks mainly by fungal pests. These attacks are all the more severe as the trees are weakened by repeated droughts and heat waves. In addition, the area was largely grazed in the past by semi-wild goat herds, causing significant pressure on the natural regeneration of the species. Arborist have been conducting encouraging experiments for several years to encourage natural regeneration by recovering and germinating seeds and young pine seedlings from the surrounding adult trees. This method, combined with the fencing of these areas to protect them from the teeth of goats, allows the Scots pine to regenerate.


You can view the general area of this planting project by clicking on the following link:

Virtual Tour – Greece

Once connected to the map, feel free to zoom in and out to get a feel of the general planting
area as well as its location in Greece, Europe, and the world. Please understand that this is the
general area of the tree planting. Your tree will be planted among thousands of other gift trees and
there is no plaque designating the gift tree and visiting the tree is unfortunately not possible.
Know that the tree planting project is making a monumental difference for the earth and
opening a new doorway to the world for future generations.

Preserve Their Legacy For Future Generations.

Location listed on tree tribute planting certificate = The Pierian Mountains, Greece

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