Beautiful view of the Appalachia Forest where The Gifted Tree plants gift trees.

Appalachian Forest of the Eastern United States

“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” – John Muir

Project Description

Appalachia is one of America’s most beautiful and renowned regions. Stretching from the state of New York, all the way down to Alabama and Georgia, Appalachia is not only home to the namesake Appalachian Trail, but also the Ozarks and Blue Ridge Mountains. More than 150 tree species can be found in the region, making it one of the most diverse ecological regions in North America. Unfortunately, the resource wealth of the region also means much of the forest has been degraded by mining and timber operations. Over the years, an estimated 83% of habitat has been lost.

Our project is a multi-state effort, looking to restore forests across all 12 Appalachian states. This project will return formerly unproductive mining, logging, and agricultural land to balance. Planting trees here will also benefit nearby communities as hydrological function will be improved, thus providing them with better quality water. This project also creates meaningful jobs in communities suffering from high rates of poverty and unemployment. Our planting partners are also implementing conservation practices to ensure the forests are maintained sustainably for many more years to come.

Your gift tree will be of a tree indigenous to the area of the planting project. Species include various types of oak, yellow poplar, American chestnut and hazelnut, silky dogwood, and persimmon. The diversity of tree plantings allows better resistance to fire propagation or climatic hazards as well as a greater chance of survival in the event of parasite attacks.

Virtual Tour

You can view the general area of this planting project by clicking on the following link:

Virtual Tour – Appalachian Forest

Please understand that this is the general area of the tree planting. The projects in the Appalachian Forest
take place in many different states, which right now is in Boone National Forest, Kentucky.  Your

tree would be planted among thousands of other gift trees and there is no plaque designating the gift
tree and visiting the tree is unfortunately not possible.
Know that the tree planting project is making a monumental difference for the earth and
opening a new doorway to the world for future generations. If you have any questions, please
view our contact information at:

Preserve Their Legacy For Future Generations.

Location listed on tree tribute planting certificate = Appalachian Forest of the Eastern United States

If you have any questions, or need help in placing an order, please feel free to contact us.