3-D Pop-Up Card tree planting certificate


Opening these unique laser-sculpted paper pop-up cards creates an impactful memory – a beautiful keepsake that unfolds into a miniature surprise. Magical! Explore multiple design options, and see them in action.

  • Weeping Willow Sympathy Tree Popup Card with Dove Closeup

    “With Sympathy” Willow Tree Popup Card

  • Cherry Blossom Tree 3-D Popup Card with Certificate on slide-in insert

    Cherry Blossom Tree 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Live Oak Tree 3-D Popup Card Inside Detail Closeup

    Classic Oak Tree 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Dogwood Tree 3-D Popup Card Love Scene (male and female on tree branch) closeup

    Dogwood Tree Love Scene (Male-Female) 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Heart Tree 3D Pop-Up Card Detail

    Heart Tree 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Jacaranda Tree 3-D Pop-up Card Inside Detail

    Jacaranda Tree 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Japanese Maple Tree 3-D Pop-up Card Overview

    Japanese Maple Tree 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Mother's Day 3-D Pop Up Card Inside Close up View

    Mother’s Day Magic 3D Pop-Up Card

  • Rainbow Bridge 3-D Pop-Up Card for loss of a pet

    Rainbow Bridge 3D Pop-Up Card